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Please meet Ciara, one of our Birth Mothers as she tells her story of becoming pregnant with two other children already at home. Her boyfriend deserted her and her options were few. She found the confidential help she needed through Hope For Birth Mothers because of the advice of a friend, and is thankful for the choices she made for her and her baby. Listen to Ciara as she describes her reaction to her pregnancy and her ensuing decision to tell the family and children to place her child into adoption.

See this Video as Executive Director of Planned Parenthood shares why she resigned after assiting in an abortion procedure.

Please meet Toni, one of our Birth Mothers, as she tells her own personal story about her crisis pregnancy and how she came to choose adoption as the answer for her baby. And in Part two of Toni's story, she tells us about the first time she met the adoptive parents and all the emotions connected with her adoption choice.


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