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But what if the father does not support your pregnancy or adoption?

One of the main deciding factors in why many women choose adoption is because they do not feel that the father of their baby is willing or financially ready to take on the lifelong role of a father, and they are not being financially, emotionally or mentally supportive. Some fathers may display a variety of negative behaviors when they discover that you are pregnant with their child.

He may not initially be supportive of your decision to place your baby for adoption, either. The truth is most fathers are not involved in the adoption plans because they simply do not choose to be. Regardless of the father’s decision, we will support you in yours! We will work with you and the birth father to make sure that all necessary laws regarding your adoption are followed according to your state's law.

In Florida and many States, it is not a requirement for the father to even agree with your adoption plan for you to be able to continue with an adoption plan. Hope for Families educates birth fathers about adoptions and suggest how he can support you in your adoption choice, and we hope that he will!

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