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Think your child is pregnant?

Perhaps you think your daughter, or the girlfriend of your son, is pregnant, but they have not said anything to you. Often these situations are hidden from parents, and decisions are made which you would not have sanctioned.

It is often hard for our teenagers to believe we will support them in times of crisis, so they make hasty decision to hide their mistakes. These decisions, such as abortion, have lifelong effects for everyone.

If you believe your teenager is facing a crisis, approach gently. Offer to listen, and provide unconditional love and support. Come with them for a free counseling appointment in our office, or call us and let us help in some other way.

Remember, your daughter can make a decision to abort a child without your permission. So stay involved in your daughter’s life and be willing to walk through difficult times with her. Often daughters just want to please their parents but the shame of an unplanned pregnancy may prevent her from sharing with you. She simply may not want to disappoint you so this keeps her locked up and isolated from you. Do not leave your daughter to make these heavy decisions alone. Go to her, throw your arms around her and tell her that you love and support her no matter what!

Be Proactive

Your child does not have to be a victim of confusion. Let us help you. We offer counseling, education, community resources and financial support. Contact us today.

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