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Pregnancy Choices


Allowing your child to be adopted is one of the greatest gifts of love you can offer.

Hope For Birthmothers has a friendly & non-judgemental, clinically supervised program where you, the birth mother, receives assistance from our staff including: 

  • Sharing parenting resources that are available to you such as Medicaid, food stamps, financial assistance, etc.
  • Help you develop an adoption plan around your needs.
  • Help you select an adoptive family.
  • Introduce you to the family you have selected if that is your desire.
  • Be a guide and support system during your pregnancy.
  • Will help you deal with family members and friends who are not supportive of adoption.
  • Help you explore whether parenting or adoption is the best decision for you and your baby.

We help women just like you everyday. Let us help.  

Call or text Lynn Brown, our co-founder at 772-538-4112.


What are my choices if I choose not to abort?

  You can choose life through either raising the child yourself, with the help of family and social agencies, or you can choose adoption.  Adoption provides your baby with an opportunity for a stable economic and intact family structure in which to grow and develop.

With either choice - You can choose hope for your baby!

If you can consider the choice of raising the child yourself, you will need to consider a few basic needs of your environment and that of your child. Some birth mothers choose this option, and we commend that as an option to abortion. However the immense responsibilities that accompany the parenting of a child can sometimes be emotionally and economically overwhelming. When that occurs - adoption is a blessing for the child and birth mother alike.

...and there is real hope in knowing you chose a positive path in solving the crisis you now face.

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