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Hope for Birth Mothers can help you!

Are you pregnant, or do you think you might be? Wondering what to do or where to turn?

You are not alone. There is hope!

Life happens and it does not always go according to our plans. Perhaps you are unprepared to be a parent at this time. Now you have an important decision to make, but you do have a choice. Ultimately you are the only one who can make a decision about your body and the life of your baby.

There are many ways to love a child and adoption may be the best option. The choice you make in love today can secure a happier and more stable future for yourself and for your child’s life. Knowing about the adoption option will enable you to make an informed decision that you will feel good about. When you contact us, you allow us to come alongside you and empower you to make an educated choice. You and your baby deserve that; let us help you.

  • There is no charge for all the service and support we will provide for you throughout your pregnancy, and we deeply care about you and the future of your child.
  • Through our careful assessment of adopting families, we will assist you in choosing a loving, healthy family to adopt your baby.
  • We will help you develop an adoption plan that is in your best interests and the welfare of your baby, and then support you in your decision.
  • When needed, we will help you with the necessary living and food expenses, and housing, transportation, access or referrals to medical and legal services. After the birth, we will assist you in developing your new life by setting goals and coordinating educational or vocational training.
  • The caring and understanding staff of Hope for Families will always be there to help you 24 hours a day whenever you need to talk both during and after your pregnancy.  Call or text Lynn at or 772-538-4112.
  • We are here for you as long as you need us and can help you.

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