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Abortion Information, Facts and Answers to Your Questions

At Hope For Birth Mothers, we do not offer or condone abortions as a safe, or moral alternative to
choosing life for your baby. But we believe you need to know the facts about your choices so that you may
better understand why choosing life is always the best choice.

Below, we offer valid clinical information about the process and after effects of abortion upon you and
your child. These facts are contained here to give you an accurate understanding of abortion, and why
alternatives to abortion are always the right choice. If you want to talk to us during this difficult time, please contact us or call the HOPE Hotline at 1-800-620-HOPE (4673).

10 Reasons you might want an abortion

Understanding The Abortion Option

What Types of Abortion Complications Exist?

What about the Abortion Pill?

Can a Fetus Feel Pain?

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