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Unplanned Crisis Pregnancy?

Are you thinking, "I am pregnant and don't know what to do and have no one to turn to for help?”

We know how you are feeling -

Afraid, lonely, scared, angry, hurt, confused, troubled, desperate, and totally in despair as you face an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. Perhaps you feel no one really understands your hurt, fears or turbulent emotions and believe that there is no answer or good choice available.

Maybe you have been rejected by your boyfriend or your family because you are pregnant. Is this an unwanted pregnancy? Do you feel panicked and in crisis?

Or are you thinking; “One more pregnancy is just too much for me to handle as I am having trouble caring for the children I already have!” We know that every situation is different but your pregnancy matters to us.

Do you need someone to give you comfort and understanding during this tough time in your life? Through Hope For Families, we will do our very help you make the best decision for you and your baby by assisting you to look at all of your options.
We will help you in your unplanned pregnancy because we are professional counselors that confidentially assist women through their unplanned pregnancy to create a positive outcome and find meaning in the middle of confusion.
If you choose the adoption option, we can also assist you with:
• ongoing counseling,
• living expenses including housing,
• food,
• phone
• transportation to medicals,
• and emotional support throughout the pregnancy and after the birth as per the Florida Statutes which allow for real and actual birthmother living expenses.

Hope for Families is a Florida licensed adoption/child placing agency that will provide a complete package of adoption services for you without any cost ever to you! This can give you a true choice and peace of mind instead of feeling trapped in your body.

You can make the right choice for your baby in the middle of a crisis pregnancy.

An unplanned pregnancy often brings a baby into your life when you are least able to properly care for another person. You may be starting a career, you may be economically disadvantaged, or emotionally not ready to care for a new baby and instinctively know that the best way to love your baby is to provide a stable, loving and healthy family environment to grow and blossom.

You probably have not realized yet that your crisis pregnancy can be a gift - not only to the baby, but to a loving family unable to bear children of their own. Imagine realizing that your unplanned pregnancy might actually be used as a positive blessing for another family. Jesus, himself was adopted by Joseph - did you ever think of it that way? Moses was adopted as well! You could be holding in your body a gift to the future of the world - so do not despair - we can help you turn this into a wonderful positive event in your life!

Teenage pregnancy, unwanted pregnancy, unplanned pregnancy, pregnancy options, pregnancy support, healthcare for you and basic needs, another baby when you cannot care for your children already, a pregnancy mistake - all of these issues are what we deal with every day. We will always show you respect, compassion and understanding.

We have helped many women just like you!

At Hope For Families, if you qualify for assistance from our agency, we will:

1) Ensure your safe housing, living expenses and provide food for you and your        baby.
2) Ensure you get proper medical care.
3) Help you get on track with your career and education.
4) Provide counsel to help you deal with your family and loved ones.

There is Hope For Birth Mothers!
Please fill out the contact form HERE then email to us. You can also call or text the Founder and Director of Lynn Brown on her cell phone 772-538-4112. Lynn has a kind heart and will listen to you, then share information and some stories that may give you hope!

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